Raping a girl who wears ripped jeans is a national duty: Egyptian Lawyer

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“Nabih al-Wahsh” an Egyptian lawyer declared to rape a girl who wears ripped jeans as a moral obligation. Moreover, in a talk show, he outraged against those girls who worn ripped and tight jeans. He said that those girls should be harassed and raped publically.

In addition, he said that girls should respect themselves first.

He questioned to the women in talk show “who is happy after seeing the body parts of a girl walking in street?” So it is our patriotic duty to rape these type of dressed girls.

However, On social media, girls and various NGO’s are criticizing the “Nabih al-Wahsh”.

“Morsi” has shown his astonishment on “Nabih al-Wahsh” remarks. He said; “Duty of lawyer is to defend the rights of all not to exploitation.”


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