IK Blamed a retired Brigadier for helping PMLN in 2013 election  

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Imran Khan now alleged a retired brigadier for helping PMLN in 2013 election. Imran Khan has not shown Brigadier’s name. if Nawaz Sharif is thinking about regaining control of government he only has his head in a cloud, Imran Khan Said. Moreover, he said that Judiciary and establishment only want the supremacy of justice and merit. After seeing Panama case verdict, everyone believes in Judiciary.

He also added that Nawaz Sharif could not buy judiciary and establishment.

He also reminded to Nawaz Sharif that he was also a production of the military. So, Nawaz Sharif should not speak against military now.

While criticizing the prime minister Shahid  Khaqaan abbasi he said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is busy in serving a thief which is harming our self-respect as a nation.

Predictions about 2018 will be in favor of PTI as Imran khan predicted. On this occasion, Jahangir Tareen –General Secretary of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf – also addressed to people of Khanewal.

Attauallah Khan –A folk Saraiki singer- also gave a very exciting performance and continued the culture of PTI’s congregation.

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