Anti-Corruption Committee Dismissed Several Ministers of KSA:

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Saudi Arabia: Newly formed anti-corruption committee dismissed several ministers and detained a number of princes during its investigation. Various officers including the commander of Navy are dismissed and replaced “Fahad al-Ghafli”. According to the order of “King Salman”, the anti-corruption committee dismissed and detained various ministers and princes.But the names of detained princes are not clear yet.

Prince “Mitaab Bin Abdullah” –The head of National Guard- and Adel Faqih –Economy Minister- were also sacked.

Moreover, a new anti-corruption committee has authority to impose sanctions on travel and freezing all assets of alleged people.The anti-corruption committee is chaired by “Muhammad Bin Salman”.

“King Salman” declared corruption as a poison for a nation and announced operation against corruption as a religious obligation.


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