Saudi scholar calls Valentine’s day a positive social festival

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Saudi Arabia’s prominent scholar, calling the Valentine’s Day a positive social festival, has said that it has no relation with religion.

The former head of Makkah religious police and Alam-e-Din, Ahmed Qasim Alghamdi has said that Valentine’s Day is not against the law. And it has no relation to religion. In an interview with Arab TV, The Saudi Alim said that on the international level, Western societies are celebrating several social festivals. While in this regard, on the Valentine’s Day people are giving flowers of Rose to each other.

Alghamdi was saying that there is no issue in giving a flower to each other. However, abiding the Islamic values are essential. Although there was a ban on celebrating various festivals, including Valentine’s Day. And the police was strictly obeying on these too. But, in the light of the directions of Wali Ehid Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia is going towards the ‘modern Islam’.

Due to these innovative and modernized movements, this year on Valentines’s Day, flowers sellers in Jeddah and other big cities appear to sell flowers openly.


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