The foe of us and Israel is common, Muhammad Bin Salman

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Washington: Saudi’s Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman has said that the enemy of Saudi Arabia and Israel is common.

While giving an interview to the Times Magzine of America, Prince Salman said that though the enemy of Israel and Saudi Arabia is common. But, the relations between the two countries can’t establish until the issue of Palestine not resolved. Prince Muhammed bin Salman said that Palestinians and Israelis have the right to maintain their own existence.

The Saudi Prince said that it seems that Saudi Arabia and Israel are having the same enemies. He said further, that there are vast opportunities present for economic cooperation between the two countries. But before the restoration of relations with Israel, they should resolve the issue of the Palestinians.

Regarding relations with Israel, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said that they will support the peaceful resolution of the Palestinian issue. And as this issue resolves, the next day we will restore relations with Israel. And this will be better for all, Bin Salman stated further.

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