Not against of merger, Tribesmen should decide the FATA’s fate, Fazlur Rehman

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Noshehra: Maulana Fazlur Rehman, head of JUI-F, said that today there is the highest corruption in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

While addressing the rally in Noshehra, Maulana said if Imran Khan had got the government in the center, he would have destroyed the whole country. Maulana further stated that he is not against of FATA’s merger, but, the tribesmen should decide the FATA’s fate. While reminding the MMA’s government, he praised the era of MMA. And said that back there in MMA’s govt, there was the lowest corruption in KP. However according to him, now KP is on the top in corruption. Moreover, he said that IK himself thanked on not getting govt in the center.

While regarding his politics, Moulana said that their politics is under pressure. He further said that they are following the religion, while, the opposition is regarding it as extremism. “We want a completely Islamic state”, said Maulana. He further stated that oppositions are criticizing them when elections are near, Molvis used to recall Islamabad. While the opposition also taunts them for the disunity among the religious parties, Maulana stated further.


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