Aim of 100-day plan is to change policies, IK

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Islamabad: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan has said on Sunday that the aim of the 100-day plan is to change the current policies.

PTI has organized a ceremony in a local hotel here in Islamabad. According to reports, chairman PTI Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Jahangir Tareen and other party leaders took part in the ceremony. While addressing the ceremony, Khan said the 100-day plan will reflect the party’s ideology and policies. The 100-day plan is about his govt if his party came to power in the ahead elections. Imran Khan further stated that they will make Pakistan a welfare state and their ideology will present the view of the state of Madina. Furthermore, he said that man plans one thing and Allah the other. But, that plan which Allah creates always succeed.

Moreover, Khan said that this time, his party is in better condition than 2013. He further said that now they have 5 years experience of running the govt. While criticizing Nawaz Sharif, he said he stole billions of rupees and now saying that why they expelled him? It reflects that how much the society has gone down.

Imran Khan further said that they have to make institutions powerful. If any institution gets no punishment then the institution will collapse. He said that they have to depoliticise the bureaucracy to boost up the lower rank. Furthermore, he said that they will bring merit systems to institutions, improve Civil services and fix governance system. However, according to PM’s Housing scheme, they will build five million houses, the plan aims. The plan also aims to give total autonomy to south Punjab.

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