JUI-F workers clashed with Police outside the KP-Assembly over FATA’s bill

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Peshawar: JUI-F workers have staged an extreme protest against the FATA merger bill outside KP-Assembly.

Today the KP-Assembly started a session to pass the KP-FATA merger bill as the National assembly and Senate had already approved it. While the session started under the presidency of the KP Assembly speaker, Asad Qaiser. The KP CM, Pervaiz Khattak also attended the session. The session held to vote for the FATA’s merger bill.

Earlier today, the JUI-F workers reached the Assembly house before the start of the session. They started an extreme protest against the bill and under sieged the house as well. They also tried to enter into the Assembly’s building. When the police barred the opposition members from going to the assembly, they stoned at them. After which, the police baton-charged the protesters to disperse them. The police also fired tear gas shells and used water cannons against the protesters. In which according to reports, 5 to 6 people received injuries.

However, the police had detained 20 people who had tried to enter the Assembly building. Moreover, the police called for additional personnel due to the tense situation.

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