CTD threatening Sahiwal case lawyer

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The Sahiwal incident victims’ lawyer Syed Shahbaz Bukhari on Monday reported that Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials are threatening him to drop the case.

Syed Shahbaz Bukhari on Monday claimed that CTD officials are calling him and threatening him to drop the case. The advocate recorded his statement to the Joint Investigation Team on Sahiwal tragedy. Bukhari also provided the calls data to the JIT officials.

Bukhari has requested the Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of the misuse of CTD authorities.

Syed Shahbaz Bukhari is fighting the case of Khalil fake encounter. He is hired by the brother of Khalil, Jibran.

Khalil was killed with his wife and daughter on January 19, 2019 in an encounter. He was suspected of being a terrorist. Later on, it was confirmed by the officials that he was innocent however there driver belonged to a terrorist organization.

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