Asif, the best bowler I ever faced: Hashim Amla

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The South African opening batsman Hashim Amla called Asif, a “magician” with the ball. He said he was the best ever bowler I ever faced.

While giving an interview to a local channel, the veteran South African batsman Hashim Amla praised Pakistani pacer, Muhammad Asif.  According to the batsman, “Muhammad Asif is the best one[I ever played]”. He further adds, “ I know he got banned for match-fixing but at that stage, he was the best fast bowler I ever faced. He was not the quick one. He bowled around 135 kmh may be, but his accuracy was phenomenal.”

Furthermore, the opening batsman said, “We played him in South Africa and even in Pakistan in 2007 and he was landing the ball on off stump and I don’t know whether it was nipping away or coming back. Funniest part is that years have gone by, I met other cricketers around the world and when loosely chatting with so many of the guys, they said the same thing that ‘Muhammad Asif is the magician’ with the ball.”

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